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PillBerry - exclusive supplements for women. Best Friends Forever - Keratin

Best Friends Forever

hair skin and nail support

Best Friends Forever - natural and certified supplements  for women from PillBerry - keratin
Best Friends Forever - natural and certified supplements  for women from PillBerry - keratin
Best Friends Forever - natural and certified supplements  for women from PillBerry - keratin
Best Friends Forever - natural and certified supplements  for women from PillBerry - keratin
Best Friends Forever - natural and certified supplements  for women from PillBerry - keratin
Best Friends Forever - natural and certified supplements  for women from PillBerry - keratin


Best Friends Forever


199.00 zł

  • Accelerates hair growth
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Strengthens hair structure, bringing out the shine
  • Increases skin smoothness by improving skin hydration
  • Increases skin elasticity and density
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles
  • Promotes healing of wounds and scars
  • Increases the hardness of the nail plate


Status: available Available online

What is Best Friends Forever?

The high keratin content of light sheep's wool helps to protect and repair damaged hair, nails, and skin. It is able to bind to the hair reducing hair loss during washing, improving hair strength and brightness, and shine.

Thanks to the combination of Moldavian dragonhead balm extract and silica, Best Friends Forever dietary supplement rebuilds and strengthens fragile, weak hair, has a strong antioxidant effect on skin and hair, absorbs a large part of UV radiation, stimulates collagen production, has a strong moisturizing and smoothing effect on skin and hair, brightens grey skin and adds shine to hair, stimulates the skin's metabolism, has an anti-cellulite effect, strengthens weak nails and thinning hair.

In addition, tocotrienols have a very strong antioxidant effect, as shown in clinical studies, thanks to their unsaturated bonds they penetrate the skin more easily, improve skin condition, and support the healing of wounds, and scars, but also facilitate faster hair growth.

Scientific studies conducted by The Scientific World Journal, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, and Skin Test Institute, among others, confirm that the product's main active ingredients (Cynatine HNS®, Draco Belle™ Nu, EVNolMax™) are highly bioavailable and bio effective, reaching key human organs and tissues in measurable amounts.

The ingredients in the Best Friends Forever product are 100% natural, are sourced from certified suppliers, have not been genetically modified (non-GMO), are sustainably produced, with no preservatives, colors or artificial additives.

PillBerry - exclusive supplements for women. Best Friends Forever - Keratin

How do the ingredients in Best Friends Forever work?

Cynatine® HNS (keratin from light sheep's wool) consists of a protein naturally occurring in the body. It is capable of delivering keratin peptides specifically to the hair and nails, thus significantly reducing hair loss by improving the anagen and telogen phases, hair quality by improving the composition of serine, glutamic acid, and cystine, and melatonin. In addition, it increases skin hydration, density, and elasticity by reducing wrinkles through increasing the protein content of the skin.

Draco Belle™ Nu activates the intrinsic anti-aging and longevity pathway AMPK/FOXO, which is known to directly promote the restoration of the extracellular matrix. It increases the amount of collagen in the skin and leads to a youthful appearance with thick and supple skin.

EVNolMax™, a blend of tocotrienols from the Guinea oil plant, has an antioxidant effect by removing excess free radicals from the body, which have a negative impact on the condition of the skin and hair. Tocotrienols improve skin condition, and help heal wounds and scars, but also accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss by reducing lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in the scalp. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, EVNNolMax™ assists proper liver function and reduces liver steatosis and bad LDL cholesterol.

Bamboo shoot extract contains as much as 70% silica, which does not occur naturally in the body, necessitating its supplementation. Silicon derived from bamboo is the best-absorbed form of silicon found in the natural environment. It contributes to hydrating the skin and strengthening hair and nails. Regular supplementation with bamboo extract can also influence fat reduction.

PillBerry - exclusive supplements for women. Best Friends Forever - Keratin

Scientific research confirms...

The Scientific World Journal | Article ID 641723

  • Regular use of natural keratin significantly slows down the process of hair loss. The best results are obtained after 3-month treatment.
  • In addition, the strengthened strands are more resistant to negative external influences, making them less likely to break.
  • Improving the structure of the hair makes it smooth and shiny.
  • Keratin is absorbed by the body when administered orally, helping to promote the health and vitality of hair, skin, and nails.

Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Reports | ISSN: 2692-9899

  • Moldavian dragonhead extract promotes collagen expression and preserves youthful collagen levels during aging.
  • Consuming a 200mg dose of DracoBelle™ Nu for a minimum of 2 months increases skin hydration by 14.4%, skin elasticity by 6.7%, and increases the density of the epidermis and dermis by 2.5%.
  • 94% of participants in the study said they felt better in their skin.

Tropical Life Sciences Research | PMID: 24575202

  • Consuming 100mg of tocotrienols per day has the effect of reducing hair loss.


Cynatine® HNS

Sheep's Wool Keratin

Cynatine® HNS contains a protein called keratin, in the form of a peptide obtained through a proprietary process for processing the wool of New Zealand sheep.

The keratin protein is one of the richest sources of cysteine in nature.

Keratin is the protein of which hair and nails are largely made up. In vitro studies have shown that Cynatine® HNS is highly bioavailable, making it capable of delivering keratin peptides to the body, particularly to the hair and nails.


  • Increased smoothness in 60% of subjects after 30 days, reporting an 80% improvement.
  • Reduction in skin roughness by improving skin hydration (Cornometer® method) in 79% of subjects by more than 30%
  • Reduction in the depth of wrinkles: in over 75% of subjects by 12%
  • Improved skin elasticity for 88% of subjects by 17%


DracoBelle™ Nu

Extract of Moldavian Dragonhead (Dracocephalum moldavica)

DracoBelle™ Nu is a unique, natural, high-quality extract of Moldavian dragonhead, rich in nutrients such as flavonoid-glucuronides. Its lemon balm-scented leaves and flowers are traditionally used to make a refreshing tea. Moldavian dragonhead is traditionally used in Central Asia and is characterised by its antioxidant, cardio-protective and anti-aging effects.

The effect of DracoBelle™ Nu on skin appearance parameters was assessed on a test panel of 32 female volunteers with sun-damaged skin. The daily recommended dose of 200 mg DracoBelle™ Nu was administered daily for 8 weeks.

  • Increase in skin moisture by 14.4%
  • Increased skin elasticity by 6.7%
  • Increase skin density by 2.5%.

Bambusa vulgaris

Bamboo shoot extract [70% silica]

Silicon is the element with the symbol Si. It is said to be the 'element of life'. We can find it in many plants, including field horsetail, mullein, fenugreek, nettle and bamboo shoots, which contain the highest levels of it.

Silicon is one of the basic components of the biosphere, yet it is an almost inaccessible element for the human body.

Silicon plays an invaluable role in the body, influencing many vital functions. It is an essential building block of connective tissue, which makes up the walls of blood vessels, skin, tendons, mucous membranes, heart valves and the osteoarticular system. Silicon is also involved in the construction of cell walls.



Mixed tocotrienols/tocopherols from the Guinea Oil Plant

The BFF product contains the full spectrum of tocotrienols and tocopherols in the form of the patented EVNol™ complex. EVNol™ is a naturally occurring blend of tocotrienols and tocopherols extracted from the fruit of the Guinea palm (NON-GMO).

The extraction process preserves many valuable phytonutrients such as squalene, phytosterols, coenzyme Q10, and a mixture of carotenoids.

Thanks to its natural surroundings, vitamin E works more effectively in the human body.


Vitamin D


Vitamin D, known as the 'sunshine vitamin', is one of the essential vitamins for the body. It is primarily responsible for bone mineralization and the normal development of the skeletal system. It also regulates the calcium-phosphate balance in the body.


Pantothenic acid

(calcium D-pantothenate)

Pantothenic acid is an essential substance for protecting our body against viral and bacterial infections through the production of antibodies.

It contributes very much to the wound healing process and the treatment of acne or other dermatological diseases.



Amount of ingredients in the daily dose - 2 pills

Cynatine® HNS - Sheep's Wool Keratin 500mg
DracoBelle™ Nu - Moldavian Dragonhead Extract (Dracocephalum moldavica) 200mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 100mg
Bamboo shoot extract (Bambusa vulgaris) [70% silica] 100mg
EVNol™ Palm Tocotrienol Complex 100mg
Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) 50 mcg (1000%)* 2000 IU
Zinc (zinc citrate) 15 mg (150%)*
Vitamin A (retinol acetate) 400 μg (100%)*
Biotin 500 μg (1000%)*
Selenium (L-selenomethionine) - Selenium SeLECT® 5000 55 μg (100%)*
BioPerine® - Black pepper (Piper nigrum) fruit extract [95% piperine] 5 mg
Pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate) 12 mg (200%)*
Nu-RICE® - Rice husk extract q.s.

q.s. (quantum satis) means that no maximum numerical level is specified and the substances are used in accordance with good manufacturing practice, at a level no higher than necessary to achieve the intended purpose.

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